ABC EXCELS After School Program


WHAT IS ABC EXCELS - ABC EXCELS encompasses all of our After School Education and Safety (ASES)/Expanded Time to Raise Achievement (EXTRA) program schools and our fee-based Extended Day Programs (EDP). ABC EXCELS is FREE to all students at ASES schools and students who are identified as homeless, foster youth, EL, and/or on free/reduced lunch at the new schools coming on board. Students who do not qualify to be free can still participate under the fee-based structure we formerly had with our EDPs. This program is a result of the state's Expanded Learning Opportunities Program funding authorized by AB130, and we are allotted funds based on our UDP count. We will partner with our Community-Based Organizations Action Youth America (AYA) & YMCA of Greater Long Beach (YMCA) as well as our ABC Child Development Staff (formerly EDP) and site/district staff to provide these expanded learning opportunities to our students. 

ASES/EXTRA Sites (All students are Free)

Fee-based Sites (Only UDPs are Free)

Aloha (YMCA)

Burbank (YMCA)

Furgeson (YMCA)

Hawaiian (AYA)

Juarez (YMCA)

Melbourne (YMCA)

Niemes (YMCA)

Palms (YMCA)

Willow (AYA)

Fedde (AYA)

Ross (Site/district Staff)

Bragg (AYA)

Carver (AYA)

Cerritos (AYA)

Elliott (YMCA)

Gonsalves (AYA)

Kennedy (AYA)

Leal (AYA)

Nixon (ABC CD Staff)

Stowers (ABC CD Staff)

Wittmann (AYA)

Tetzlaff (ABC CD Staff)

The following schools will have AYA as their morning program provider unless otherwise noted. 

*The morning program begins at 7:00 am and runs until 15 minutes before school starts. The morning program staff is available until 9:00 to assist with supervision and other duties you may have for them.

Furgeson (AYA)

Juarez (AYA)

Melbourne (AYA)

Niemes (ABC CD Staff)

Palms (AYA)

Carver (ABC CD Staff)

Cerritos (AYA)

Elliott (AYA)

Nixon (ABC CD Staff)