Student Council

The Student Council is a government body of students elected by their peers. The Student Council promotes school spirit and community service. Representatives and members meet every Wednesday to represent their class in organizing many school activities. Student Council members report back to K-6 classrooms to keep the student body updated on school news and activities. Student Council members develop many important life skills during their terms including teamwork, organizational skills and leadership skills.
Gonsalves 4th, 5th, and 6th graders can become members of the Student Council for one semester by being elected as their class' representative, or by running for one of the elected offices--President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. Elections are held twice yearly, in January and June.
The Student Council sponsors many activities throughout the year. In the past, the Student Council has organized and participated in the following activities:

                         *Taste of Gonsalves
                         *Fundraisers for the charitable causes

                         *Red Ribbon Week activities

                         *Fun Spirit Day Activities including Crazy Hair Day, Twin Day, Pajama Day, 
                          and Backwards Day
                         *Valet Drop Off

                         *Ice Cream Store sales after school
For more information, please contact the Student Council Advisers.