Before and After School Safety

I would like to remind everyone how you can help us meet our goal of maximizing safety for our students this school year at Gonsalves.

Drop off and Pick-up

For the safety of our students, staff and parents, we expect ALL automobiles to follow courteous and safe driving practices.  The mornings and the afternoons can be extremely dangerous.  The following apply to both Park St. and Stowers St. loading/unloading areas:


  1. Cross the street at crosswalks only.
  2. Cars must yield to pedestrians at the crosswalks.
  3. The yellow curbs are for loading and unloading only.  Do not leave your car unattended. 
  4. When pulling out of the “drop off/pick up” zones, watch for cross traffic and no U-turns from these areas.
  5. Students are not allowed to load/unload items from the back of the car. Please exit the car and load/unload for them.
  6. Double parking is not allowed at anytime.  Students must always be dropped off/picked up at the curb.
  7. When parking, do not block fire hydrants, driveways, or crosswalks.

The parking lot is for staff ONLY (except for Handicapped Parking).  There is no dropping off or picking up.  Also, no walking through the parking lot with students.

All drivers are expected to follow these traffic and safety laws around our school.  We ask you to please show courtesy and patience with your fellow drivers.  The Cerritos Police Department will monitor our traffic both before and afterschool.  Finally, please pick up your students on-time.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all our parents in creating a safe, learning environment for everyone at Gonsalves.  

Mrs. Christensen