Traffic Safety


ImageFor the safety of our students and staff, we expect ALL automobiles to follow courteous and safe driving practices.  The mornings and the afternoons can be extremely dangerous.  

Please remember:

1.  Please cross the street at crosswalks only.

2.  The curb in front is for loading and unloading only. Do not leave your car unattended.


3.  You may pull out back to Park St. anywhere in the “drop off/pick up” zone.  Please watch for cross traffic and no U-turns from this area.

4.  Students are not allowed to load/unload items from the back of the car in the “drop off/pick up” zone. Please exit the car and help with this loading/unloading if necessary.

5.  The parking lot is for TEACHERS/STAFF ONLY (except for Handicapped Parking). No walking through the parking lot as well.


"Illegal and Unsafe Drop-off of Schoolchildren Could Result in a Hefty Citation"

The illegal and unsafe loading and unloading of schoolchildren from cars onto roadways near schools is subject to a citation.

In an effort to improve public safety, a Cerritos ordinance implements a fine for the illegal and unsafe loading and unloading of schoolchildren from cars. A violation of the ordinance is subject to a $25 City fine; additional State and County penalties attached to the citation bring the total fine to more than $135.

Near school locations, Cerritos residents and traffic deputies have observed many adults routinely walking their children across busy streets outside of crosswalks. They have also observed people illegally parking their car, often in the middle of the block, and allowing their child to cross the street. This practice poses a safety risk, especially to young children. Some drivers also block driveways and fire hydrants in residential areas while they unload passengers or walk their children to school.

In response to these safety risks, the Cerritos Municipal Code states the following:

     *No driver may stop, park or leave his or her vehicle for the purpose of loading or unloading passengers unless the vehicle is legally parked.

     *No driver may stop, park or leave any vehicle in the roadway across from or adjacent to any public or private school for the purpose of loading or unloading anyone attending schools in  grades K-12, where in order reach the school or grounds from the vehicle or reach the vehicle from the school or grounds, it is necessary for a pedestrian to walk across a roadway. This section would be inapplicable where traffic is controlled by a traffic officer, a school crossing guard, an official traffic control sign or signal, or where there is a marked pedestrian crosswalk that the pedestrian walks on. 

When transporting children to and from school, parents are encouraged to park legally and escort their children across the street at a marked crosswalk. For more information, call the Cerritos Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266.
This article appeared in The Cerritos News in January 2011 – Volume 40 – Number 1,